Tan of the baked skin~Sips of cinnamon winds~strings for a new start~ old melting in the candles that glowed the dark~essence of the new books escaping in the hearts of the old school~ evening chills brings us back to our grills.

                                                                           Instagram- _.gaurichawla._

Perks of being a wallflower

P.S. my heart just can’t get over a wallflower

Charlie literally I listened to” one winter”.

i just listened to music & breathed in the day & remembered things.( Perks of being a wallflower)

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Instagram- _.gaurichawla._

Laughs of strawberries and milk
Scars which are sesame frilled
Stories that are confined to pressed flowers
Some hearts are just like old romantic grass.
                                                                                        – gauri

I am 17 . I write and romanticize. You are welcomed here to escape in the world of aesthetism.

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